29/05/2018- Biimag start new branding and corporate imaging development co founded by program D82 of the Extremadura Council involving FEDER founds for a total ammount of 2500€.

03/02/2017 - Bioimag was granted by the Extremadura Council in the program D40/2016 to fund the research project" Development of matrix to transport stem cells with self-diagnostic ability and analytical methods for its characterization" involving FEDER funds from the European Union.

25/01/2016- We are interviewed by Extremadura Channel

06/04/2015- Biomag was selected by Agrotech StartUp Extremadura to form part of its business accelerator.

28/01/2015- Bioimag closed its first financial round receiving investment from the AVANTE found of Extremadura

07/11/2014- Patent WO2013190165 was granted in first European country (Spain)

04/09/2014- Bioimag participates in the VIVOIMAG RISE Marie Curie project to start in Q1 april 2015.  Belgian, Greek Israeli, and Spanish partners from industry and academy, will join efforts to develop bone implants and follow their integration in bone tissue using noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging.

16/08/2104- Bioimag was granted by ICEX with founds from the program Technological Fund  of Invest in Spain